Senior Leaders Coaching Network

Spring 2019 Network: March to June


The 2019 Senior Leaders Coaching Network is designed to be real, practical, authentic, and focused leadership teaching to grow you and your teams.

  • 4 Teaching Modules – Group video calls with live teaching followed by Q&A

  • 2 Individual Calls – One-on-one phone calls with Pastor Josh

  • Systems & Structures – Next Level Church’s tools, documents, & systems for your use

  • Coaching For Your Team – Each of your Department Directors gets a call with NLC’s Director

Special guests, including Carey Nieuwhof, will join us for one of our sessions as an added bonus!


The Spring 2019 Coaching Network will run from March to June of 2019. Your one-on-one calls with Pastor Josh will be scheduled individually based on both of your schedules. The dates for the 4 group coaching video calls will be held once per month on Fridays during that timeframe.

This coaching network is intended to be as practical, relational, and authentic as possible, so the needs and questions of the group will drive a large portion of the content. The primary teaching topics for the group calls will include:

  • Leadership Development (both for volunteers and staff)
  • Staffing (culture, team building, HR policies, hiring, firing, etc)
  • Systems & Structures (don’t forget, you also get a drive with every NLC document on it!)
  • Personal Disciplines (managing your marriage, planning messages, and more)

The total cost for the entire network, including all phone calls, video calls, resources, and some surprise gifts is $1500 per person.

This network is intended for Senior Church Leaders (whoever is the top leader in your church, typically the Lead or Senior Pastor). Participation is limited to 1 leader per church, but keep in mind that every member of your Executive Team will also be given a phone call with the corresponding Department Director at Next Level Church during the network!

You should sign up because you want to grow in your leadership. Whether you are flying high and your church is growing faster than you can manage or you feel stuck and are not sure where to go next, after launching 10 locations in just 10 years, Pastor Josh Gagnon has experienced all of the high, lows, and mediums of ministry and is looking forward to the opportunity to get to know you personally and help you in your leadership with specific experience and wisdom based on where you are today. This is not about bullet points and specialized techniques, but real, practical wisdom from years of experience and a proven track record of leading with authenticity.

Drop us on email anytime at info@leadbetter.church. We are happy to help!

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