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Helping Church Leaders to Lead Better

Founded by Pastor Joshua Gagnon of Next Level Church

I’m truly honored that God, by His grace, would ever allow me the opportunity to speak into the lives of His leaders. In 2007, I met with 10 adults and talked for the first time in my life about planting a church. I grew up in America’s least-churched region, New England, and to that point in time I had never been on a church website, never attended a church larger than 250 people, never been on a paid church staff, never been to Bible school, and never been to or heard of a church plant. To say I was inexperienced, unqualified, insecure, and too aggressive would be an understatement, but thankfully I married an amazing woman named Jennifer¬†and have an amazing team surrounding me.

In 2008, we launched Next Level Church¬†with a desire to be relevant, loving, and life-giving. I have made tons of mistakes and have been making it up as I go, trusting God for wisdom beyond my years and experience. He’s been more than faithful and today we have multiple locations throughout the East Coast with thousands of people each weekend in attendance, and best of all,¬†thousands of people have said “yes” to a relationship with Jesus.

God-willing, we will launch dozens of relevant, loving, and life-giving locations all over America and beyond. As people look at what God is doing at NLC, my hope is that they will be amazed by God because clearly only God could write this story!

I’m married to my best friend and the love of my life, Jennifer. Marrying her was the greatest gift God ever gave me as a man or a minister. I have two boys that I love bigger than the sky named Malachi and Nehemiah, who have taught me how to love like I never knew was possible.

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